Join Us

Specialists of international levels are invited for cooperation and inclusion in the registry in the following directions:

  • Institutional Context Analysis
  • Analysis of Political Economy
  • Civil Service Reform
  • Data Analytics
  • Functional review of organizations, business process re-engineering
  • Decentralization, Local Governance, Smart city
  • Regulatory Quality

The following categories are available:

  • Category 1 - Specialist (from 3 to 5 years of experience)
  • Category 2 - Expert (from 5 to 10 years of experience) 
  • Category 3 - Advisor (over 10 years of experience) 
  • Category 4 - Senior Advisor (over 20 years of experience)

To join us, please attach your resume as well as cover letter with no more than 350 words. In the cover letter, please indicate:

  • Your specialization (you can select a few, for example: civil service/evaluation of civil servants, etc.)
  • Citizenship
  • Countries where you have worked
  • International organizations you have worked with
  • Languages you speak
  • The minimum daily rate (US dollars and Euros)

Looking forward for the opportunity to work in one team. Successful candidates will be notified within 30 days.